Focus on what you do best: running your business.

Spend only 10min/month on digital marketing.

Done-For-You Website Refresh

Done-For-You Social Media Management

Done-For-You Search Engine Optimization

Done-For-You Google Shopping

+ Includes

  • Branding Book
  • Style Guidelines
  • Researched Hashtag Collections
  • Content Planning Guides



what's included?


by week

1. initiation

This is the most hands-on part of the process for you. We set goals together and I learn the essence your brand must convey.

  • Solidify Target Audience (us)
  • Develop Content Marketing Strategy - choose platforms, media type, content pillars, + more (us)
  • Talk through website requirements (us)
  • Create a Brand Book - core values, mission statement, logo use, fonts, colors, post templates, etc (us)
  • Begin website development (me)
  • Content Audit - organize + evaluate all existing content (me)
  • Understand the brand - tone, objective, unique aspects, selling points, etc (me)
2. the grind (for alex)

This week is mostly focused around my work – devloping the website and creating content. Some small participation required from you!

  • Complete Website (me)
  • Website Feedback (us)
  • Website Training - learn how to make minor edits, navigate the website, and become familiar (us)
  • Create Hashtag Strategy (me)
  • Plan 2 Weeks of Content (me)
3. "new beginnings"

The end of your attention being focused on your online presence is so so soon. This week is focused on optimization (SEO, Google Shopping) and the start of my management of your socials.

  • Begin SEO (me)
  • Setup Google Shopping (me)
  • Approve 1 Week of Content (you)
  • Schedule + Publish 1 Week of Content (me)
  • Real Engagement on Social Media - form connections on social media by liking posts, responding to comments and DMs, etc (me)
4. voila

Yes, voila. This week is the completion of your onboarding month. Woohoo!

  • Final Approval of Website (you)
  • Approve 1 Week of Content (you)
  • Schedule + Publish 1 Week of Content (me)
  • Real Engagement (me)
  • Finish Google Shopping (me)
  • Finish SEO (me)
∞. ever after

For every month after your onboarding one, they look the same in terms of objectives.

  • Approve 4 Weeks of Content (you)
  • Website Maintenance (me)
  • Schedule + Publish 4 Weeks of Content (me)
  • Real Engagement (me)
  • Update/Maintain Google Shopping (me)
  • Update/Maintain SEO (me)

All right. Let's chat!