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Boost Your Law Firm’s Conversion Rate by 3-12% in Just 45 Days

No Website Alterations Needed – We Handle Everything

Our Process

As experts in law firm websites, we have our process down to the T.


Comprehensive Audit

Comprehensive Audit

We start with a deep dive into your current website’s performance. Our team analyzes your site’s user experience, traffic flow, and existing conversion pathways. Using advanced analytics tools, we identify key areas for improvement that can significantly boost your conversion rates without any changes to your site’s structure or content.


Strategic Roadmapping

Strategic Roadmapping

Based on our analysis, we develop a tailor-made strategy for your law firm. This strategy focuses on leveraging existing assets, optimizing user interaction, and employing innovative techniques to enhance user engagement and conversions. We ensure our plan aligns perfectly with your firm’s goals and audience needs, all without requiring any changes to your current website.


Precision-Driven Execution

Precision-Driven Execution

With the strategy set, our team works behind the scenes to implement optimization tactics. We monitor the results in real-time, making adjustments as needed to ensure maximum effectiveness. You’ll receive regular updates and comprehensive reports, showing the tangible improvements in your conversion rates, all achieved within the promised 45 days.

Who We Are

Starting over eight years ago with a single Shopify website, we’ve traversed across numerous industries inciting growth wherever we step.

Between bringing medical technology to everyday consumers, to launching ecommerce companies, and even magnifying organizations, there’s no area we won’t be impactful.

Alex is passionate about helping bring the ideas and aspirations of entrepreneurs to light. Nothing is impossible when two like-minded and driven entrepreneurs work together.

At Branding By Alex, we are dreamers, and yet, we turn those dreams into realities.


Our Mission

Work With Us

Our mission is to create powerful and impactful digital presences for brands and businesses of all industries.

We give time back to business owners to focus on what they do best: running their business.

Let’s Do This.

Up to 12% Conversion Rate Increase. Hands-Off. 45 Days.